What's Included in Sports Medicine?

Today, there is a medical specialty for just about any ailment you experience in any part of your body — so how do you know which one you need to see for an injury? A lot of factors go into what type of doctor you need to see, but sports medicine is a specialty that encompasses many different injuries, and many different treatments.

At Bay Oaks Orthopedics, our team specializes in sports medicine. Our goal is to get you the treatment you need to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Our team is led by Dr. Anthony Melillo, a trained orthopedic doctor. He determines if sports medicine is the right option for your treatment and recovery.

Understanding sports medicine

When you live an active lifestyle or participate in sports, injuries are an unfortunate circumstance of these activities. Sports medicine is the medical specialty that helps you recover from these injuries, so you can get back in the game. However, doctors that specialize in sports medicine may have a variety of backgrounds, including emergency medicine and internal medicine, among others.

Sports medicine also encompasses other specialties, like physical therapy and nutritionists to help you get your body back into the shape it was before your injury. Dr. Melillo takes a comprehensive approach to helping you recover efficiently from your injury.

This branch of medicine begins from the time you seek treatment with Dr. Melillo until you’re fully healed, and everywhere in between. When you make an appointment, Dr. Melillo assesses your injury and may order diagnostic imaging to confirm a diagnosis.

Once he’s determined what injury you’ve sustained, he recommends the best treatment plan for you and your activity level. He also works with physical therapy and athletic trainers to make sure you fully recover, and prevent further injury.

Conditions that are treated

Sports medicine encompasses many different injuries that happen during any physical activity or sporting event. As you can imagine, that includes quite a few areas of your body, and many different types of injuries. Dr. Melillo specializes in knee and shoulder problems caused by physical activity. However, there are many different injuries that he treats, including:

Dr. Melillo also helps to treat concussions that are a result of an athletic event, and follows you through your after care. He also treats clavicle injuries, like a fracture, and labral tears of your shoulder. No matter what type of sporting injury you’ve sustained, our team gets you diagnosed and on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Why sports medicine?

So why choose sports medicine over other specialties for your condition? This specialty is really a one-stop-shop for your athletic injuries. Dr. Melillo follows you from the very first encounter when you get hurt, until you’re completely recovered.

Dr. Melillo is also a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, so if he determines that you’d recover best from a surgical procedure, he’s able to perform the surgery as well. Other specialties may diagnose you, but then need to send you to another doctor that specializes in the type of surgery you need.

Sports medicine also helps you deal with long term injuries associated with repetitive use injuries from athletics, such as osteoarthritis or tendinitis in your joints. Dr. Melillo uses different treatment avenues to get you back to your active lifestyle. This specialty also focuses on injury prevention, which helps you avoid complications later on from being hurt over and over. 

If you think our sports medicine team can help you with your injury, call us today at 281-223-1391, or book an appointment with Dr. Melillo using our convenient online booking tool.

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