4 Non-Surgical Sports Medicine Treatments

4 Non-Surgical Sports Medicine Treatments

When your life revolves around physical activity and sports, you don’t want to miss a minute of the excitement. However, inevitably, an injury will strike and you’ll be on the sidelines. The thought of invasive surgery can be scary, and not one you’re willing to explore just yet. Luckily, there are several non-surgical options that are able to help you get back on your feet.

At Bay Oaks Orthopaedics, our team is ready to give you the expert care and treatment you need to get back in the game as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our team is led by Dr. Anthonly Melillo, who’s our expert orthopedic specialist with years of experience under his belt.

What does sports medicine entail?

Sports medicine is a branch of the medical industry that focuses on preventing injuries and treating you when you get hurt during physical activity. However, sports medicine isn’t it’s own specialty — in fact, most doctors specialize in something else along with sports medicine, like Dr. Melillo. He’s an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist.

The purpose of sports medicine is to provide people of all ages with varying degrees of physical activity treatment when an injury strikes. The injuries that are involved in sports or physical activity are specific, and need a certain type of customized treatment to get your function back to normal.

Sports medicine also involves other specialists as well to achieve the best outcome after you’re injured. These may include physical therapists, nutritionists, and athletic trainers. Dr. Mellilo comes up with a customized plan when you’re injured and want to get back to your activity as soon as possible.

It’s also used in helping you prevent injuries in the future. With the proper training plan and expert guidance of our team, you can keep your body healthy and in shape to hopefully prevent further injury down the road.

Injuries which need a sports medicine specialist

Whether you’re young or old, it’s important that you see the right specialist when it comes to your sports injuries. Dr. Mellilo provides expert care to a number of different problems that occur from sporting events. Some of these conditions include:

While these injuries are able to be treated by a regular doctor, only a sports medicine specialist has the expert knowledge to not only get you the perfect treatment, but see that you recover fully and prevent further injuries.  

Non-surgical treatment options

When you’re looking for pain relief after an injury, there are a lot of options available. At Bay Oaks Orthopedics, Dr. Melillo doesn’t go right for surgery, unless it’s completely warranted. There are a lot of other treatment avenues that can help you get back on the field, four of which include:

1. Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a vital component to recovering after an injury. This type of non-invasive treatment promotes strength and mobility in your entire body, which allows the injured area to regain functionality as well.

2. Cortisone injections

If you’ve suffered an injury in one of your joints, Dr. Mellilo may offer a cortisone injection. These injections help to both relieve your pain and decrease inflammation in the surrounding tissues. With rest and other home treatments, cortisone injections can get you back on your feet in no time.

3. Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occuring substance in the joints in your body. This substance is a type of lubricant that allows your joints to move smoothly. It provides the needed cushioning that your joints need. These injections can help when you’re in pain due to overuse in your joints, especially from sports.

4. Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine is a revolutionary form of treatment that involves either stem cell therapy or platelet rich plasma therapy. These treatments use cells from your own body to stimulate your body’s natural healing response. With regenerative medicine, Dr. Melillo isn’t just putting a bandage over the problem — he’s using your body’s own resources to heal it from the inside.

If you’re an athlete and need expert sports medicine care, don’t hesitate to call us today at 281-223-1391, or book an appointment with Dr. Melillo using our convenient online booking tool.

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