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Meniscus Tears: Why You Should Not Let Them Go Untreated

When you suffer a meniscus tear, the pain may be temporary; however, the damage has been done. Although you may feel ok, you should still seek treatment. Read on to learn more about how meniscus tears can lead to long-term damage in your knee.

Apr 15th, 2021
When You Should Seek Treatment for Shoulder Pain

A little shoulder pain here and there is harmless; but when it starts to affect your activities, it's probably time to seek treatment. Keep reading to learn more about what causes shoulder pain and when you should get help.

Mar 15th, 2021
Facts and Myths About Steroid Injections

Are you in need of a steroid injection for pain? If so, you might be wondering what's involved, and if there are side effects. Keep reading to learn more about the truth behind this helpful treatment.

Feb 15th, 2021